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Mobile Apps in today's world are seen as more personalized mediums of approaching audiences. Mobile Apps present an option of showcasing an organization services, updates and work more efficiently and consistently. We help you in creating attractive Mobile Apps with minimum hassle. With a team of dedicated, proficient programmers at your disposal, we hold key to every possible situation while developing IOS and Android platforms applications along with the hybrid ones on platforms like Titanium. We assure that your project is in the right hand.

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Android Application Development is grabbing the markets by leap. Android has been growing rapidly and the growth rate of android market has surpassed almost all other smart phone platforms. Android operating system is based on JAVA and well suited for mobile devices. It comes with bundle of rich features, which allow users to experience wide range of sparkling mobile applications on their Android Phone.

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Sectors We are Serving

Advertizing and Marketting Agencies

# Generate Leads
# SMS Alert.
# Manage Events Easily.
# Cover Entire City Audience with Just A click
# promote your events in a better way.

Medi and Entertainment

# Increase audience involvement.
# Easily manages ticketing .
# Track your crew in real time.
# Provide huge audience.
# Best way for event promotion.
# Track and manage DTH subscription.

Real Estate

# Promote your new and ongoing Projects.
# Increase Opt-in Database.
# never miss a single client about all your updation.
# Promote the events.
# Real time conversation with team.


Travel And Tourism

# Real Time Alerts.
# Making Ticketing Simple.
# Sms Feed Back.
# Instant Costumer Service.
# Send Information about new tours .
# Reach amximum audience in best way.


# Instant Registration Updates.
# Latest Updates.
# Easy Api Integration.
# Sale Sms to clients.
# drive Website Traffic.
# Instant Updates about purchase.
# Get Better Feedback and client satisfaction.


# Go paperless , use SMS
# Send Alerts about Attendance .
# Update on the go.
# Inform parents about the student report.
# Result card and instant notice.
# Simple 2 way communication

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Team of 8 experts for more than 2 years of experience

Following all the design and coding standards to give a standard application

Full support till the Application is approved in Android Market Place

3 Months Free Support if there are any bugs in the developed App

Expenses are easy to understand, no connection fees, no hidden charges, pay as you go. Our Bulk SMS platform is completely free

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